Surfrider Central Florida
has members that fall into a few important congressional districts that can influence WRDA- the Water Resources Development Act. The targets in Florida would be Rep. Webster (parts of Orlando, Leesburg), Rep. Brown (parts of Jacksonville, Orlando, Seminole, etc.), and Rep. Frankel (West Palm to Ft. Lauderdale) who are on the conference committee to finalize the legislation. You can check out their district maps on their congressional websites if you are wondering where their districts are located.

The background is that both the Senate and House have passed versions of Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) to authorize activities of the Army Corps. The bill is now going to conference with three reps from the Florida participating. Our goal is to try to remove some of the bad provisions and riders related to environmental streamlining, obstruction of Nat’l Ocean Policy etc.

Note, you have to be in the appropriate district/zip code to submit comments, so it won’t work for everyone. Provided is a sample letter you can send, but please check the links below to ensure you are in the appropriate district/zip code. Please send questions or concerns to¬†Tim Orrange (Chair)

Get your Zip+4 zipcode if you do not know it

Surfrider Action Page

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Letter Outline

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Tim Orrange
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